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On Line Request - Audiovisual Equipment

Media Services will not be taking semester basis requests due to the limited number of equipment and the increase in number of classes scheduled.  
All requests must be submitted to our office on a daily or weekly basis. 
Requests for Monday deliveries must be done by 3 pm the Friday before class. 
Requests submitted for use on the same day are not guaranteed and may not be confirmed or delivered. 
If a person requests equipment and there are changes (schedule, room, testing, etc...) it must be reported to Media Services.  Failure to inform Media Services will result in delivery not being guaranteed.     

This on-line request is available for UTB/TSC full/part-time faculty and full-time staff only.
All others must contact our office at (956) 882-8963 for any questions regarding equipment requests.
All request must be received in our office before 6 pm one business day prior to event (class). 
For Monday deliveries, request must be received Friday no later than 3 pm.
For weekend classes, submit request same as a Friday delivery.
For large weekend/night event (other than scheduled classes) submit request 1-2 weeks prior to event.
Overtime charge may apply for weekend/night events - contact our office for details.
Requests will not be accepted via telephone.
Equipment is for instructional/official use only. (student club organizations must use Student Afairs)
Requesting person must receive a confirmation call or email from Media Services to validate request.  
Media Services is not responsible for undelivered on-line requests.
No late requests will be accepted.
Equipment should not be removed from location originally delivered to -unless prior arrangements made-
Equipment must remain where requested - failure to this will result in future equipment cancellations,
individual fines, department charges, campus security reports and/or other penalties

Delivery Information

Event Date (Start) (mm/dd/yy) ** Start (Scheduled) Time (am/pm)
Day of Event (Mon, Wed, Sat*, Sun*)      
* For weekend deliveries, arrangements must be made with our office one week prior to event
Date Event Ends (mm/dd/yy) ** Time Event Ends (am/pm)
Day Event Ends (Mon, Wed, Sat*, Sun*)   
* For weekend deliveries, arrangements must be made with our office one week prior to event
Location:   **
Room # 

Other Location Not Listed Above:       
(Gazebos, Amphitheater, Free Speech Area, Off-Campus (specify), etc.)


If you plan to use the same equipment in the same room on different dates,
specify dates in the special instructions box at the bottom of this page.

Media Services must be informed if multimedia will be used in any of these rooms
  Tandy Classrooms 113, 114 Eidman 1 Classroom  
  SETB Lecture Hall 1.102 SETB Classrooms 1.320, 1.336, 2.336, 2.508, 2.520, 2.548
  LHSB Lecture Halls 1.102, 1.04 LHSB Classrooms 1.310, 1.312, 1.314, 2.312, 2.314, 2.316
  EDBC All rooms in Education & Business Complex have AV equipment installed

  - Shut down equipment properly. Penalty fee will be charged if data projectors are found ON.- 

These rooms must be reserved at the UTB Facilities Office (956) 882-3834.
Room reservation does not include AV equipment.

(check permanent equipment image map to view available rooms and equipment)

Equipment must be requested from Media Services during regular office hours.
Equipment is unavailable on weekends, except when previously requested.
It will be shut off if it not properly requested. 
Unauthorized use of the equipment will be reported to Campus Police.

Note: For ALL off-campus requests, download, print and  fill out a Request to Remove Equipment from Campus Form
with all applicable signatures before equipment is picked up or delivered.  Call Media Services to request a fax copy.
Completed form must be submitted (South 125) or faxed (882-8965) to our office (not emailed) along with the online request.
Special transportation arrangements must be done if Media Services is to deliver equipment off-campus.

Contact Information

User Name (professor, presenter, dean, etc...)  
Note: Only Full/Part-time faculty or Full-time Staff can request use of equipment
Work Phone
User E-mail (confirmation will de sent to this email:)  
Submitted by: if different than User  
  Be sure to enter e-mail correctly

Equipment Information

Check the appropriate box for equipment needed.  Be sure to read specific restrictions where indicated


Boom Box * Cassette Player * Conference Phone  
CD Player * Conference Recorder *


TV/VCR (no remote) *** TV/DVD (no remote) *** Computer Set ** -read new note- Data projector (for laptop, not included) *
Camcorder * Tripod * Slide Projector (for 35mm slides) * Overhead Projector (for transparencies)
Pull Up Screen (4') * Portable Tripod Screen (specify size->) (Screen Size: S-M-L)  
* User must pick up and return equipment to Media Services.  Charge fees may apply for late returns.
** If either data projector or computer in CT is found ON at time of pick up, a penalty fee will be charged or request will be cancelled indefinitely.
     - If any minor signal that a chalk eraser was placed under a projector in a CT is found
at time of pick up, a penalty fee will be charged or request will be cancelled indefinitely.
*** If a remote control is needed, it must be requested separately (other equipment).  The item must be picked up from Media
and returned to our office by the person making the request.  If lost, charges will be applied to cover for replacement unit.
P/A SYSTEMS (charges may apply.  Call for details)
Small P/A System (Anchor system w/1 mic) **** (other charges may apply) Large P/A System (contact our office) (other charges may apply)
P/A System Permanently Installed In Room (other charges may apply) Other (please describe in special instructions)
wired handheld mic wired tabletop mic wireless handheld mic **** wireless lavalier mic ****
****  (There is a $5 charge for each wireless mic requested for equipment maintenance)
Other equipment (specify)
Special Instructions:


"By clicking the Agree - Submit button, I understand that I am under financial liability for the loss or damage to this (these) item (s) if the loss or damage results from my negligence, intentional act, or failure to exercise reasonable care, safeguard, maintain, and service it (them)."
(HOOP policy, section 10.2.2 page 5 of 5)

Equipment will be delivered ONLY if requesting person agrees
to be responsible for all items listed on requisition.


The confirmation page that appears after the submit button is selected
is NOT Media Services approval for equipment delivery.  
You MUST receive an email or phone call from Media Services
confirming the approval for any particular request.

Privacy Statement


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