UTB/TSC Bond Projects
New Library & Oliveira Library

New Library
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The new Library provides inviting spaces for research, study and work on projects singularly or in groups. Incorporating stack space, computer labs, reference materials, study areas, on-site and online learning labs and distance education capabilities, this $14.4 million facility also serves as a venue for art shows, educational demonstrations and community information. It meets the increasing demands of the UTB/TSC community for a location that provides research facilities with longer hours in an intellectually invigorating environment.

This Library joins UTB/TSC’s flagship Arnulfo L. Oliveira Memorial Library, which is presently being extensively renovated. The renovation will triple space for the university’s local history and special collections archives. Following its $2 million update, the Oliveira Library will continue to house a large portion of the university’s collection of about 300,000 volumes and archived periodicals. The Oliveira Library will also continue to house school offices and the technical support department offices.

UTB/TSC Instructional Support Dean Doug Ferrier says, “The wealth of material available for our students would have been available only at a research library a decade ago, but today, students at UTB/TSC can access information in a manner only dreamed of a few years ago. The new Library will not only expedite this access, but it will do so in an environment that will be comfortable and inviting, and it will provide facilities for learning how to use the technology of today to access information.”

The Library will hug the botanical garden that is being preserved by the university. Native plants in this area are undisturbed. Healthy trees that are on the footprint of the new Library and the adjacent new Classroom Building will be removed and cared for at a site off-campus. These will be replanted in the same area or elsewhere on campus where trees are needed.

Students and Library visitors are accommodated in the parking lot, which has 1,200 spaces, across University Boulevard.