The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee met on January 27, 2005, at 2:00 p.m. in South 117.


Members Present:  Steve Chamberlain (School of Education), Shamina Davis (School of Health Sciences), Joselito Estrada (School of Business), Cheryl Phelps (College of Liberal Arts), Pat Wade (College of SMT), Ruth Ann Ragland (Academic Affairs)


Attendees Present:  Griselda M. Mendoza (Academic Affairs), Mary Sullivan (School of Business), Rafael Otero (School of Business), Jose E. Macari (College of SMT), T.J. Phillips (Dev. & Gen. Ed.), Carl Stockton (School of Education), Julio Ledezma (Academic Affairs), David Hicks (College of SMT), Rodney Sullivan (Biology), Celia Flores-Feist (College of SMT), Manuel Blanco (College of SMT), Fabio Urbani (College of SMT), Roger Contreras (College of SMT), John McCabe (School of Health Sciences), Diana Ortiz (Academic Affairs), Jude Benavidez (College of SMT), Joel Garza (External Affairs), Valerie Gamez for Eli Pena (Academic Affairs)




Members Present:  Steve Chamberlain (School of Education), Shamina Davis (School of Health Sciences), Joselito Estrada (School of Business), Cheryl Phelps (College of Liberal Arts), Pat Wade (College of SMT)


Attendees Present:  Griselda M. Mendoza (Academic Affairs), Fabio Urbani (College of SMT), Manuel Blanco (College of SMT), T.J. Phillips (Dev. & Gen. Ed.), Diana Ortiz (Academic Affairs), Julio Ledezma (Academic Affairs), Charles Dameron (College of Liberal Arts), Bill Harris (College of Liberal Arts), Roger Contreras (College of SMT), Joel Garza (External Affairs), Emir Macari (College of SMT), Mary Sullivan (School of Business), Valerie Gamez for Eli Pena (Academic Affairs), Eldon Nelson (School of Health Sciences), David Hicks (College of SMT)


The meeting was called to order by chair Pat Wade at 2:00 p.m. The minutes for December 14, 2004, were approved with a consensus of the committee.  This meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m. and will reconvene on Feb. 3rd at 2:00 p.m. in South 117.


On February 3, 2005, we reconvened and the meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m.  Meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.




The following Program Action Requests were APPROVED:


-         School of Business

Medical Office Specialist

Administrative Software Professional Associate of Applied Science

Office Specialist Associate of Applied Science

Clerical Specialist Certificate of Proficiency

Paralegal Studies Associate of Applied Science

Legal Secretarial Science Associate of Applied Science

Legal Assisting Specialist Certificate of Proficiency

International Business Associate of Applied Science

International Business Certificate of Proficiency

BAT-Workforce Leadership and Supervision

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences-All Blocks (2 PARS)

BAAS-Block E for Business Management Information Systems

BAAS-Block F

BBA-Applies to all BBA degrees-Finance, Marketing, Int’l Bus., Management & Accounting

BBA-All Concentrations

BBA-Business Administration-Management Concentration

BBA-Finance Concentration


-         School of Health Sciences

Bachelor of Applied Technology-Health Services Technology


-         College of SMT

Bachelor of Arts Chemistry

Bachelor of Arts in Physics


Engineering Physics-1st Read on Jan. 27th, 2nd Read Feb. 3rd

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (2nd Read Jan. 27th)

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics-various minors

Bachelor of Science in Biology-Optional


The following Course Action Requests were APPROVED:


-         School of Business

Revised Courses:              POFT 1329-Beginning Keyboarding

                                          IBUS 1301-Principles of Exports

                                          BUSIU 2441-Statistics




Deactivated Courses:     POFT 2401-Document Formatting & Skillbuilding

                                          LGLA 1345-Civil Litigation

                                          IBUS 2331-International Human Resource Management

                                          IBUS 2341-International Comparative Management

New Courses:                   LGLA 1317 Law Office Technology

                                          LGLA 1344-Texas Civil Litigation

                                          LGLA 2313-Criminal Law and Procedure

                                          LGLA 1349-Constitutional Law

                                          IBUS 1302-Principles of Imports

                                          BMISU 1185-Fundamentals of Project Management

                                          BMIS 3303-E-Commerce Strategies

                                          BMIS 4367-Topics in E-Commerce


-         School of Health Sciences

New Courses:                   HPRS 3320-Patient Education in Health Sciences

                                          HPRS 4334-Issues and Trends in Health Care

                                          HPRS 4330-Independent Study

                                          HPRS 3324-Teaching in the Health Sciences

-         College of SMT

New Courses:                   ESCI 4301-Environmental Regulations

                                          ESCI 4399-Research Problems in Environmental Sciences

                                          ESCI 4325-Environmental Science Internship

                                          ESCI 3410-Envoronmental Geology

                                          GEOL 4431-Coastal Geology

                                          ESCIU 1301-Introduction to Environmental Science

                                          ESCIU 1101-Introduction to Environmental  Science

                                          ESCI 3305-Oceanography

                                          ESCI 3105-Oceanography Laboratory

                                          ESCI 3334-Conservation of Natural Resources

                                          ESCI 4370-Topics in Environmental Sciences

                                          GEOL 4411-Sedimentation and Stratigraphy

                                          ENGR 1101-Introduction to Engineering

                                          ENGR 3303-Thermodynamics

                                          ENGR 3304-Mechanics of Materials

                                          ENGR 3320-Linear Circuits

                                          ENGR 3405-Engineering Materials

                                          ENGR 3421-Electronics I

                                          ENGR 4242-Senior Design Project I

                                          ENGR 4243-Senior Design Project II

                                          ENGR 4308-Design Graphics with Solid Modeling

                                          ENGR 4309-Mechanical Subsystem Design

                                          ENGR 4322-Electronics II

                                          ENGR 4326-Power Electronics

                                          ENGR 4406-Mechanics III

                                          ENGR 4407-Manufactoring Process Technologies

                                          ENGR 4423-High Frequency Engineering

                                          ENGR 4424-Electronic Machinery

                                          ENGR 4425-Analog and Digital Communications

                                          ENGR 4441-Control Systems

                                          BIOL 3302-Comparative Animal Physiology

                                          BIOL 3102-Comparative Animal Physiology Laboratory

Revised Course:               GEOG 4341-Principles of Remote Sensing

                                          GEOL 3336-Hydrology and Water Resources

                                          GEOG 3334-Conservation of Natural Resources

                                          GEOL 3105-Oceanography Laboratory

                                          GEOL 3305-Oceanography

                                          GEOL 4441-Principles of Remote Sensing

                                          GEOL 3310-Environmental Geology

                                          GEOG 4440-Geographic Information Systems

                                          GEOL 4350-Geoscience Field Excursion

                                          GEOL 3340-Geomorphology

                                          GEOL 4440-Geographic Information Systems

                                          PHYS 4390-Computational Methods for Engineers and Physicists

                                          MATH 1314-College Algebra (Tabled)

                                          MATHU 1313-College Mathematics (Tabled)

                                          MATH 2321-Differential Equations and Linear Algebra                                          

-         School of Education

New Course:                     EDCI 4336-Topics in Education


-         Continuing Education

Revised Courses:              ESOL 0311-Intermediate Conversational Grammar

                                          ESOL 0312-High Intermediate Conversational Grammar

                                          ESOL 0313-High Intermediate Reading

                                          ESOL 0314-High Intermediate Writing

                                          ESOL 0315-High Intermediate Conversation & Listening Skills

                                          ESOL 0316-Advanced Conversational Grammar

                                          ESOL 0317-Advanced Writing

                                          ESOL 0318-Advanced Conversation

New Course:                     ESOL 0319-Advanced Reading





-         College of Liberal Arts

Revised Course:               COMM 2320-Survey of the Media

                                          COMM 3317-Interviewing Principles

                                          COMM 3322-Group Communication and Discussion

                                          ENGL 3322-Business Communication                     



1.       Minors are transcripted according to Academic Advising-Valerie Gamez.  She brought copies of a transcript to show the committee that minors are printed on transcripts.  This had been a carryover issue from the last December meeting when it was discussed whether transcripts actually show minors or not.

2.      When a Topics course is taught, the name of the topic should appear in the course title so that repetition of a topics course doesn’t create any problems for students attempting to transfer credits. 

3.      There needs to be consistency of coding exactly what “Junior Level Standing” means.  ie., completion of 60 SCH’s (and does that include Developmental courses)

4.      The UUCC needs to know what happens when Co-Requisite is checked on a form.  There seemed to be confusion about this.

5.      Julio Ledezma presented the committee with the instructions for reformatting your desktop to take care of the problem associated with the N-CAR form.  He has already put this up on the website under “Field Code Changed.”

6.      The January meeting was the longest UUCC meeting on record, needing two full days to complete the agenda.  The reason was that January was established as the deadline for any action to become official in the catalog.  During AY 2005-2006 the deadline will be December meeting.  The Chair reserves the right to cancel meetings during the rest of AY 2004-2005 if no actions are docketed.