Dr. Gene J. Paull
University of Texas at Brownsville

Fall 2013

Dr. Gene J. Paull, Texas Water Quality Fieldtrip South Bay, Texas, July 30, 2013
Dr. Gene J. Paull (crouched in front) with Gorgas Science Students, whitewater rafting, Rio Naranjo, Quepos, Costa Rica, May 19, 2009, photography by Iguana Tours, Canon Xsi digital camera


    Chair, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences Dept., Professor, Geosciences
    M-0 - Room 114a
    Phone - (956) 956-882-5040
    Fax - (956) 882-5043
    E-mail - gene.paull@utb.edu
    Homepage - http://blue.utb.edu/paullgj/
    Office hrs.:


MWF 9:30-10:00 AM,MW 1:30-2:30 PM, TTh 1:30-2:30 PM

Research interests

Geographic Information Systems, paleoenvironments, geochronology, environmental adaptations, Mesoamerican archaeology

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Curriculum vitae
Tropical agriculture page
Tropical agriculture part II
Fieldtrip page
Danzas del Altiplano de Guatemala

Courses Taught - Fall, 2013

GEOG 3320.01 - Cultural Geography for Educators
GEOG 3333.01 - Latin America Geography
GEOL 1301.01 - Principles of Earth Sciences


Previously Taught Courses

Professional Society Memberships

    American Geological Institute
      Geological Society of America

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