In 2005, UTB/TSC initiated a flat tuition rate at 15 semester credit hours. Students taking 16 hours or more will pay the rate for 15 hours of credit. The flat tuition rate is designed to encourage students to take a greater course load, thus reducing the time of graduation.



Local Family Benefits from Flat Rate Tuition

Stephanie Fruia found out about the flat rate tuition by accident and shes glad she did. With the knowledge that she can take 15 hours or more for one flat fee is something that is music to not her ears, but that of her parents too.


My mom was so happy. Its so much easier for my parents, said Fruia, 18, a sophomore History major, who has two other sisters also attending UTB/TSC.


Flat rate tuition was implemented in the fall of 2005, which sets a flat fee for students taking 15 credit hours or more. If a student wishes to take 20 hours, he or she would still pay the same amount of tuition if they were taking only 15 hours.


 The implementation of the flat rate fee resulted in a more than 30 percent increase in students taking 16 or more credits during the fall of 2005 compared to fall 2004.


The flat rate means that Fruia will not only pay less for classes in the long run, but will also allow her graduate in four years or less and begin teaching.


Fruia has explained what flat rate tuition is to her friends and says once the word gets out about flat rate tuition more students are likely to take advantage of it.


A lot of kids dont know about it. If the word is out there they are totally going to go for it.