The U.S. Department of Homeland Security proposes to build a fence 18 feet high on top of the levee north of the International, Technology, Education and Commerce Campus (ITECC) placing ITECC on the Mexican side of the fence.  

In addition, the plans would also build a fence 18 feet high on top of the levee just south of the Scorpion baseball field and of the Education and Business Complex parking lot, placing all of the golf course on the Mexican side of the fence.  

In October of 2007, the university received a letter from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection asking for right of entry onto University property.  The request sought access to survey university land for 18 months for the possible construction of the fence, to store equipment and supplies, take samples and to do any other work they found necessary for the proposed construction of the fence.  

“I have not signed the right of entry request that would have granted access. I feel the action poses serious harm to the University on many fronts.  We also continue to discuss the matter with representatives of the government.”    

-Dr. Juliet V. García, President


(Red dotted line outlines university property. Yellow line is proposed fence.
Red solid line is the right of entry request.)
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UT Board of Regents Resolution - February 6, 2008

Texas Southmost College Trustees Resolution - October 25, 2007

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