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Practice test for MATH 1314 College Algebra
This is a collection of exercise questions from College Algebra, 8th by M. Sullivan. If this is your first time to open the following links, you may need to install a software in your computer. Click on one of the links and follow the instruction... it may take a couple of min.s.

 1. Equations & Inequalities
       1.1 Linear Equations
       1.2 Quadratic Equations
       1.3 Complex Numbers; Quadratic Eq.s in the Complex ...
       1.4 Radical Eq.s; Eq.s Quadratic in Form; Factorable Eq.s
       1.5 Solving Inequalities
       1.6 Eq.s and Inequalities Involving Absolute Value
       1.7 Interest, Mixture, Uniform Motion and Constant Rate ...
 2. Graphs
       2.1 The Distance and Midpoint Formulas
       2.2 Graphs of Eq.s in Two Variables; intercepts; Symmetry
       2.3 Lines
       2.4 Circles
       2.5 Variation
 3. Functions and Their Graphs
       3.1 Functions
       3.2 The Graph of a Function
       3.3 Properties of Functions
       3.4 Library of Functions; Piecewise Funcitons
       3.5 Graphing Techniques; Transformations
       3.6 Mathematical Models; Building Functions
 4. Linear and Quadratic Functions
       4.1 Linear Functions and Their Properties
       4.2 Building Linear Functions from Data
       4.3 Quadratic Functions and Their Properties
       4.4 Quadratic Models; Building Quad. Ft.s from Data
       4.5 Inequalities Involving Quadratic Functions
 5. Polynomial and Rational Functions
       5.1 Polynomial Functions and Models
       5.2 Properties of Rational Functions
       5.3 The Graph of a Rational Function
       5.4 Polynomial and Rational Inequalities
       5.5 The Real Zeros of a Polynomial Funciton
       5.6 Complex Zeros; Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
 6. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
       6.1 Composite Functions
       6.2 One-to-One Functions; Inverse Functions
       6.3 Exponential Functions
       6.4 Logarithmic Functions
       6.5 Properties of Logarithms
       6.6 Logarithmic and Exponential Equations
       6.7 Compound Interest
       6.8 Exponential & Logistic Growth & Decay Models; Newton's Law
       6.9 Building Exponential, Logarithmic & Logistic Models
 7. Analytic Geometry
        (No exercise question is available at this moment...)
 8. Systems of Equations and Inequalities
       8.1 Systmes of Linear Equations: Substitution and Elimination
       8.2 Systems of Linear Equations: Matrices
       8.3 Systmes of Linear Equations: Determinants
       8.4 Matrix Algebra
       8.5 Partial Fraction Decomposition
       8.6 Systems of Nonlinear Equations
       8.7 Systems of Inequalities
       8.8 Linear Programming
 9. Sequences; Induction; the Binomial Theorem
       9.1 Sequences
       9.2 Arithmetic Sequences
       9.3 Geometric Sequences; Geometric Series
       9.4 Mathematical Induction
       9.5 The Binomial Theorem

Practice test for MATH 1332 Mathematics for Liberal Arts
This is a collection of exercise questions from Thinking Mathematiclly, 4th by Blitzer. If this is your first time to open the following links, you may need to install a software in your computer. Click on one of the links and follow the instruction... it may take a couple of min.s.

 1. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
       1.1 Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
       1.2 Estimation, Graphs and Mathematical Models
       1.3 Problem Solving
 2. Set Theory
       2.1 Basic Set Concepts
       2.2 Subsets
       2.3 Venn Diagrams and Set Operations
       2.4 Set Operations and Venn Diagrams with Three Sets
       2.5 Survey Problems
 6. Algebra: Equations and Inequalities
       6.1 Algebraic Expressions and Formula
       6.2 Linear Equations in One Variable
       6.3 Applications of Linear Equations
       6.4 Ratio, Proportion and Variation
       6.5 Linear Inequalities in One Variable
       6.6 Quadratic Equations
 7. Algebra: Graphs, Functions and Linear Systems
       7.1 Graphing and Functions
       7.2 Linear Functions and Their Graphs
       7.3 Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables
       7.4 Lienar Inequalities in Two Variables
       7.5 Lienar Programming
       7.6 Approximating Reality with Nonlinear Models
 8. Consumer Mathematics and Financial Management
       8.1 Percent, Sales Tax, and Income Tax
       8.2 Simple Interest
       8.3 Compound Interest
       8.4 Annuities, Stocks, and Bonds
       8.5 Installment Buying
       8.6 Amortization and the Cost of Home Ownership
 10. Geometry
       10.1 Points, Lines, Planes, and Angles
       10.2 Triangles
       10.3 Polygons, Perimeter, and Tessellatioons
       10.4 Area and Circumference
       10.5 Volume
       10.6 Right Triangle Trigonometry
       10.7 Beyond Euclidean Geometry
 11. Counting Methods and Probability Theory
       11.1 The Fundamental Counting Principle
       11.2 Permutations
       11.3 Combinations
       11.4 Fundamentals of Probability
       11.5 Probability with Permutations & combinations
       11.6 Events Involving Not and Or; Odds
       11.7 Events Involving And; Conditional Probability
       11.8 Expected Value
 12. Sampling, Frequency Distributions, and Graphs
       12.1 Sampling, Frequency Distributions, and Graphs
       12.2 Measures of Central Tendency
       12.3 Measures of Dispersion
       12.4 The Normal Distribution
       12.5 Scatter Plots, Correlation and Regression Lines

Practice test for MATH 1412 PreCalculus
This is a practice test for MATH 1412 PreCalculus. (You might have different section number.)
Allow the blocked contents on your internet browser to see the question.
Do not open more than one practice section at the same time!!

The second one may not start from the first question in that section.

 1. Graphs & Functions
       1.1 Function & Graph
       1.2 Linear Function & Slope
       1.3 More Function Properties
       1.4 Transformation & Symmetry
       1.5 Variation & Applications
 2. Functions & Equations with Zeros
       2.1 Zeros of Linear Functions
       2.2 Complex Numbers
       2.3 Zeros of Quadratic Functions
       2.4 Graphs of Quadratic Functions
       2.5 Zeros of more Functions
       2.6 Inequalities
 3. Polynomial & Rational Functions
       3.1 Polynomial Functions
       3.2 Polynomial Division
       3.3 Zeros of Polynomial Functions
       3.4 Rational Functions
       3.5 Polynomial and Rational Inequalities
 4. Exponential & Logarithmic Functions
       4.1 Composite & Inverse Functions
       4.2 Exponential Functions
       4.3 Logarithmic Functiosn
       4.4 Properties of Logarithmic Functiosn
       4.5 Exponential & Logarithmic Equations
 5. Trigonometric & Circular Functions
       5.1 Unit Circle
       5.2 Circular Functions
       5.3 Angle and Rotations
       5.4 Trigonometric Functions
       5.5 Right Triangle Trigonometry
       5.6 Sine & Cosine Functions Graphs
 6. Trigonometric Identities, Inverses & Equations
       6.1 Identities : Sum & Difference
       6.2 Identities : Double & Half Angle
       6.3 Inverse of Trigonometric Functions
       6.4 Trigonometric Equations
       6.5 Laws of Trigonometric Functions
 7. Complex & Vectors
       7.1 Complex number operations
       7.2 Vectors
       7.3 Vector Operations
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