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This is the Texas well-known Gorgas Administration building.  

It was built from 1868-1871.  It was ready for use by May 1, 1869.  It took 1,800 mules and 1,300 civilian employees and over one million bricks to build the Post Hospital for the army post.  It is a National Historic Landmark in Texas.

Its arches, pilasters, denticulated cornices and other decorative brickwork are the result of innovative building practices imported from Spain to Mexico which made their into architecture along the Rio Grande River.  What did I just say?  Take a look at the drawing below to identify architectural elements that make this building much more remarkable then what it might have looked like if it hadn’t been altered from standard Army building plans by William A. Wainwright and Samuel W. Brooks.

Other buildings on campus carry the tradition of these building traits in one form or other.  The Life, Health and Sciences buildings are great renditions of their historical progenitors and reinforce the campus’ identity.  Landscaping plays an integral part in unifying these structures and our south Texas climate makes for green scenes year round!

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Read more about Gorgas Hall in “The Ghosts of Fort Brown”  Check out the webpage.


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