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Undergraduate Course Descriptions


Required As Part Of The Core Of General Education:

GOVT 2301 American and Texas Government* (Formerly American Government I)

A survey of the fundamental principles of political science of the American system of government, and of the origins, development, and structure of the constitutions and government of the United States and Texas. (This course is also a requirement of the General Education Core.)

GOVT 2302 American Government and Policy* (Formerly American Government II)  

A survey of the inputs and outputs of the American government including political participation, civil rights and liberties, public economics and foreign policy. (This course is also a requirement of the General Education Core.)

*Government 2301 and 2302 satisfy the legislative requirement of six hours of American and Texas government courses for a baccalaureate degree.  Notice: The terms Gov’t I and Gov’t II will no longer be used!!


Methodology Courses 

GOVT 3331 Research Methods (Formerly Methods of Political Science Research)

This course gives a  survey of research modeling in political science and government, and intends to give students an introduction to models of inquiry, research design, experimental and survey research, qualitative and quantitative analyses, and research reporting using analysis techniques in SPSS.   

GOVT 3332 Applied Statistics for Public Service

This course illustrates the statistical applications to public service programs. It extends the basic research methods explored in GOVT 3331. 


American Government Courses: 

GOVT 3314  American State and Local Government (Formerly American State Government)

This course analyzes the developments, problems and issues facing American state and local governments.  Emphasis will be on state and community development through comparative regional government analysis within the United States.

GOVT 3363 American Hispanic Politics

A study of the American Hispanic experience. Analyzes political socialization and culture, political participation and behavior, leadership, organizations, and power in the American political system.

GOVT 3373 Contemporary Texas*

This course is a survey of contemporary political, public policy, and administrative issues confronting Texas.*Contemporary Texas is required for those who are seeking teacher certification in Social Studies’ Composite.

GOVT 4320 American Constitutional Law: Powers (Formerly American Constitutional Law: Federalism)

A study of the allocation of government powers by use of court cases, with special emphasis on the national government and the introduction to the judicial functions of the American legal system.

GOVT 4321 American Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties

A study of the limitations of governmental powers in the United States by use of court cases, with primary emphasis on civil and political rights.

GOVT 4360 The Presidency (Formerly American Executive Process)     

A study of the development and the structure, powers, functions, processes, and influence of the Presidency.

GOVT 4363 The Congress (Formerly American Legislative Process)      

This course is a study of the development and the structure, powers, functions, processes, and influence of Congress.

GOVT 4366 American Political Parties and Politics         

A study of the history, function and leadership of political parties and the role they play in the operation of national, state, and local governments in the United States and a study of the role of group politics and voting behavior in the American political process.

GOVT 4367 The Judiciary (Formerly American Judicial Process)            

This course is a study of the judicial systems on local, state, and national levels. It focuses on the relationship between the judiciary and political systems, as well as the impact of the judicial decision-making on public policy. 

GOVT 4368 Special Topics in American Government     

Significant issues and problems in politics and the political system. Course may be repeated for credit provided different topics are the focus of each class.


Comparative/International Relations Courses:

GOVT 3322 Introduction to Comparative Politics (Formerly Politics of Developing Nations)

This course is a study of similarities and differences between various political systems in the world. It aims to generate a better understanding of international relations and politics.

GOVT 3343 Global Politics and International Relations (Formerly International Politics)

This course is an introduction to the history and contemporary theory of global politics from the perspective of international relations.

GOVT 4369 Latin American Politics                               

A survey of governmental processes in Mexico, the Caribbean, Centraland South America. Examines competing ideologies, group dynamics, relationships between political, economic and social structures and Latin America's role in the international political system.

GOVT 4370 European Politics

A study of the major democracies of Europe. A comparative study of peoples and their political, social

and economic institutions. Generally includes, but is not limited to, Great Britain, France, and Germany.

GOVT 4371 Contemporary International Issues

This course is the study of important issues in international politics. It focuses on themes, issues, and players in world politics, regional and international conflicts, and the solutions to these conflicts.

GOVT 4378 Middle Eastern Politics (New Course)

This course provides a survey of governmental processes in the Middle East. It examines competing ideologies, group dynamics, relationships between political, economic and social structures and the Middle East’s role in the international political system.


Political Theory Courses:

GOVT 4372 Classical Political Theory

A study of classical political philosophy from Socrates to Machiavelli.

GOVT 4373 Modern Political Theory

This course is a study of political philosophy from the 1500s until the present..


Public Administration Courses:

GOVT 3301 Citizenship and Community Development (New Course)

This course develops an understanding of community development as an expression of citizenship. It explores two citizenship traditions: citizenship as a status and citizenship as a practice. It also focuses on the role of democratic deliberation in support of community development.

GOVT 3302 Ethics and Public Service (New Course)

This course is a philosophical inquiry into ethical issues. It focuses on the ethical examination of political behavior and decision-making that impact public service.

GOVT 3323 Foundations of Public Administration and Service (Formerly Introduction to Public Administration)

This course is a survey of public administration in the United States. It highlights a wide variety of topics in public administration, with emphasis on public service.

GOVT 3385 Internship                                                   

This course is designed for students seeking credit through an internship placement. The internship must be directly related to government; the student must be under direct academic supervision and the student must complete written assignments to be evaluated by the supervising teacher.

GOVT 4312 Issues in Public Planning (Formerly Urban and Metropolitan Planning)

This course is a survey of planning in the public sector. It focuses on program evaluation and accountability, project selection, and performance-based budgeting.                    

GOVT 4314 Leadership and Non-Profit Organizations (New Course)

This course focuses on the skills, knowledge, and attitudes in building the leadership of nonprofit organizations. It also addresses topics such as power, leadership styles, supervision, ethics, women and minorities in management, and conflict resolution.

GOVT 4365 Public Personnel Administration (Formerly American Administrative Process)

This course emphasizes the importance of human resources management in public and nonprofit organizations. It also focuses on the development and maintenance of public bureaucracy and the proper response to the needs of a democratic society.           

GOVT 4374 American Public Policy

An analysis of the formation, implementation, and assessment of selected public policies in America.

GOVT 4376 Contemporary Issues in Homeland Security (New Course)

This course examines contemporary issues concerning Homeland Security. It focuses on counter-terrorism, borders and international jurisdiction, immigration, transportation, and public health emergencies.

Leadership Course: 

LEAD 1301 Introduction to Leadership and Public Service

This course is an interdisciplinary course that
integrates hands-on opportunities to learn leadership
through service. It focuses on issues of social justice
in our community, especially in areas of non-profit
management, healthcare, education, advocacy, and
local government. 

Economic Courses: 

Econ 2301 Macroeconomics

Introduction to national income analysis. Topics include an introduction to supply and demand analysis, the economic functions of government the determinants of output, employment, and the general price level, national income accounting, classical Keynesian and neoclassical models of the economy, the Federal Reserve, fiscal and monetary policy, the balance of payments. 

Econ 2302 Microeconomics

Introduction to price theory. Topics include elasticity consumer behavior, the behavior of the firm under perfect and imperfect competition, government regulation, natural resources, labor, international trade, and the distribution of income and wealth. Open only to students who have completed all required development courses in reading and/or writing as assessed by the University.