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DISCLAIMER:  This website does not reflect the views of the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College, The Arnulfo L. Oliveira Memorial Library or anyone who is not specifically named.

WARNING UTB/tsc does not encourage ghost hunting on campus and will not be held liable for anyone TRESPASSING on campus after business hours.    PLEASE respect their policies

In 2003, The Arnulfo L. Oliveira Literary Society published a popular collection of ghost stories centered around the historical UTB/TSC campus.  It is called “The Ghosts of Fort Brown: An Informal Study of Brownsville Folklore and Parapsychology.”

Writers from our faculty, staff, and administration contributed stories, along with persons associated with the college.  Some stories are chilling but basically, it is just fun to read!  There HAS never been anything like it in the history of our city before, where ghost stories have been told for generations!

Following the stories is a special Paranormal Investigations section: "Hunting the Ghost Hunters: An Unfolding Chronicle."  Paranormal Investigators made nightly visits to the UTB/TSC campus and shared their findings with the editors of the publication.  Other novice ghost hunters also contributed photos and stories for the section.  That was in 2003.  One year later, this Web site was created to share findings with the public who can no longer walk our campus at night and experience a ghost hunt. 

It is not necessary to believe in ghosts to see what has been collected for this Web site. There are historical photographs if you are interested in Fort Brown.  In Brownsville, folklore and history are linked.  This page is part of the Arnulfo L. Oliveira Literary Society’s Historic Campus Buildings Web Page where one can find a little bit of information about our historic campus buildings and many photographs.  Links to other Brownsville related historical organizations are also included to give you an experience we hope you will want to return to again. 

Thanks to Rosalina Arevalo for drawing the custom creepy "next page" hand. 

                  The Ghosts of Fort Brown webpage is dedicated to all our readers.  Thanks for making Volume 1 and 2 a success!





At left is a Historic American Buildings Survey photograph of the Neale House near the UTB/TSC campus taken in 1977.  It is the oldest house in Brownsville.  Below it is a picture of the second window from the right magnified six hundred times from a photo taken in 2001 by the RGV Paranormal Investigators.  Is there a face in it?  Interestingly, a man was shot through the window in the room at the far right in 1859.  His name was Peter Neale and he was shot during one of Juan Cortina's raids in Brownsville. 




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