Study Guide

Interpersonal Conflict

Wilmot/Hocker, McGraw-Hill

Chapter 3 Interests &Goals



Content goals

Relational goals

Identity goals

Process goals

Prospective goals

Transactive goals

Retrospective goals

Collaborative goals



Essay Questions

1.      Define each type of goal in interpersonal interaction and distinguish between the four types.

2.      Provide a personal example of a conflict interaction in which you have sacrificed content goals for the sake of relationship goals.

3.      Explain three of the six features of conflict goals (from the overlapping nature of CRIP goals). Include an example for each of the three features.

4.      Think of a personal conflict you have had with another person during the past year. Provide a list of prospective, transactive and retrospective goals you had regarding the conflict. Explain the evolution of your goals.

5.      In your opinion, is a collaborative approach to conflict feasible and/or beneficial for the parties involved? Why or why not?

6.      “You make me angry. Stop doing that!” How would you change this statement to include clear, behaviorally specific goals?

7.      Think of a recent conflict interaction in which you have retroactively made sense of the situation. Provide goal examples of how you accomplished this. How did that process help sustain and remold your perception of the relationship?